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Tuesday, October 23, 2007


Yeeowch. We sent quite a lot of copies of Have You Seen the Horizon Lately? out for review, and so far there hasn't been much of a nibble. Reader Views, who gave a good notice to The Everlasting (though, granted, from a different writer), posted theirs, and it's none too kind. The first two paragraphs are largely summary, and the summation goes thusly:

"I was somewhat interested in “Have You Seen the Horizon Lately?”, but found it hard to follow because each chapter jumped to a different time period for Percy or Julia. The depression and talk of suicide throughout the entire book was not interesting and many times very cumbersome to read. The novel included excerpts from the characters writings and from interviews with the characters. I found no interest in these portions and skimmed through them."

I have to say, I really think I pulled the wrong reviewer in the bad luck of this draw.


And for the record, yes, they did like me last time.

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Anonymous said...

Just for the record I really enjoyed the book and have been spreadin' the word here abouts on the streets of Tulsa. Good work, and don't let it (scarce yet negative reviews) get you too down. I loved the Everlasting. I like it more the Have You Seen the Horizon Lately, but that is probably because I picked it up and read it during a time in my life where the romantic connections of the real world and the book go hand in hand. So there was a bit more history involved for me. Absolutely loving Love the Way You Love, but am kind of sad that the adventures of the three coolest brothers I know are going to be soon over. :-) Such is life I suppose... Thank you.