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Thursday, October 04, 2007


The collected edition of Love the Way You Love is printed and I received my first copy of Side A: Songs of Faith today.

I gave the copy to Sadie, as she's a "wait for the trade" kind of gal. Being a cat, she pretended to be unimpressed.

But later, I caught her reading it, and she seemed to be getting sucked into the soap opera of it all.

The book should already be on the truck to straight-up booksellers (like Amazon), and it's in the current Diamond Previews for comics going to comic book stores in December. If you are fighting the good fight and supporting your local comic book shop, then you should use this info to get them to order it for you:


I have no idea if it will head into the Star System and be available to comics retailers earlier than December. It would make some kind of sense since Diamond distributes to both areas, book shops and comic book shops, but I can't say for sure. These are not my headaches to worry about.

In related news, Marc Ellerby has updated his website. When was the last time you visited and/or threw money at him?

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robert plastorm said...

Good lord! Did I just read a cat blog?

MattGrigsby said...

Oh my! That cat of yours is adorable! I hate to say it but I do get a good chuckle out of silly pet posts. Seeing as how you like cats, I recommend you buying the gag book, "Things On My Cat". You would thoroughly enjoy it.

Also, AWESOME TRADE! I hope to get one soon, but I already have them all so I don't know if I need them twice.

odessasteps said...

we need some JSR LOLCATZ pics now.


Jamie S. Rich said...

Odessa, let's not make this something dirty.

And Plas, you blog about your pimples and your weight. Such high moral ground you stand upon.

robert plastorm said...

I know dammit! That's why I look to Mr. Rich for elevated reverie! I got a chuckle from picturing you holding the book just right in one hand and the camera in the other. All kidding aside, that Sadie is a damn good looking cat.