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Wednesday, May 10, 2006


The Everlasting is on the march! The press release is out. Newsarama is one place that has it, read the whole thing here, and pay particular attention to this part:

"With my comics work, it's easy to give people a quick taste of the book. You can toss out a handful of pages and they work like a movie trailer and people get interested. It's a little harder with prose to extract particular sections and have them stand alone. These stories provide you with a self-contained entertainment experiences that also give you an idea of what THE EVERLASTING is like in style and content. They're a little something extra."

Deleted scene "Toys for Boys" will be available at www.comicbookresources.com beginning May 22, 2006. Two weeks later, on June 5, www.comicon.com/pulse will feature Moon on Your Pyjamas. July brings the inaugural issue of Bottle Rocket Magazine (Red Hot Moon Books), which will feature original short story "Chevelu" with illustrations by Chynna Clugston and an interview with Rich featuring illustrations by Joelle Jones. "Romeo May Be Bleeding, But Mercutio is Dead," an all-new Lance Scott serial set six years after THE EVERLASTING, will run on http://lancescott.livejournal.com beginning July 31. A complete listing of where and when these extras can be found is available at www.onipress.com.

It's all quel exciting. And note that Amazon has it for preorder for $12.97.

Special thanks to Confessor Jing for introducing me to today's soundtrack selection.

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