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Thursday, May 18, 2006


HOLY CRAP! My boy Mike Allred did a cover for an August Criterion release!

The last Pietro Germi film they released had a Jaime Hernandez cover, and if they are going to keep going this way, I say please do more Germi films!

I did an interview with Mike for the second issue of Bottle Rocket magazine, due out in July.


How common is it for writers to be affected by their own work in the emotional way they hope it will touch their audience? I sometimes grow very cold to my stories, but other times, they surprise me with their punch. The Lance Scott stuff seems to be the worst. I cried at the end of The Everlasting the couple of times I read it front to back. And last night I sat down and read "Romeo May be Bleeding, But Mercutio is Dead" for the first time since finishing it, and I got all choked up and had to compose myself because I was in a coffee shop. Which has to be a good thing, right? Or maybe I need to give that poor sucker Lance an even break....

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