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Saturday, May 27, 2006


Yesterday, mid-day, the compete interiors of Love the Way You Love vol. 1 were uploaded to the printer. It's done, kids, it's ready to go. Orders were strong, and we're all very excited.

Did you order your copy yet? If not, you can give your comic book retailer the Diamond order code APR06 3293 and ask him or her to make sure to have one for you when it arrives on June 28. If you're a bookstore kind of person, your local retailer can order it from Diamond Books with the ISBN 1-932664-52-1.

Last night was a little mini celebration. Bitsy McCubbin is in town, and we went over to meet Joëlle. I also met Laurenn's friends, Frank and Jill Beaton-the-Brat. I drank too much and thus, talked too much. But what else is new?

Now it's on to The Everlasting. It's due to the printer in three short weeks. Egads!

Then Lara and I have studio time booked for July 6 to record the song "Love the Way You Love." Busy, busy!

Current Soundtrack: ACO, Kittenish Love

Current Mood: ditzy

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