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Monday, May 22, 2006


The first Everlasting deleted scene is now online at Comic Book Resources. "Toys for Boys" is a section I was really sorry to see go. I'm very fond of the writing in it. Please read it and post comments here.

Interestingly, the whole opening scenario of this story originally appeared after the toy scene when they were in the book, but I liked it a lot, too, and so brought it back and tied it in with this sequence.

As the introduction says, the Diamond catalogue with the book listed in it is out this Wednesday. Please preorder!

I also have a couple of new DVD reviews up. Two are for pretty bad films from Hong Kong (I Will Wait For You! & What a Wonderful World); the other is for an exceptional Hungarian movie, Damnation. This is also one of the reviews I am most proud out of the ones I have done for DVDTalk so far. (Has it been 12 already?!) The best I can say about the other two is I think the screencaps I made are pretty funny.

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Denny said...

Great price and I'm TOTALLY preordering this, DCBS has it for 50% off. *wink LOVE ME!