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Monday, May 01, 2006


I went down to Portland State University this afternoon to check out the May Day protest. The focus was on the immigration laws currently being debated in congress, and it was largely made up of Latinos. I'm a little annoyed with myself for having dragged my ass this morning and not getting there sooner. I missed the march around town entirely. There was a pretty sizable crowd there, listening to music performed in Spanish. I was disappointed that I didn't see more white faces in the crowd; I think a lot of Portland would be shocked to see how large our immigrant population is. On the flipside, I give them credit for not catering the rally to a caucasian audience. There was hardly any English spoken. It was still going when I had to leave, and from the sound of it, the event was transitioning from music to speechifying. I'm not used to seeing a community come together like that. It almost makes you think humanity is salvagable.

Of the white people that were there, a couple of them were from the communist party. I realize that this is a day for organized workers, but why is it that for the caucasians, we had to be represented by the whackos? I like the idea of communism, but these dudes were carrying placards with images of Lenin on them. Sometimes you have to give up the ghost. I mean, Lenin?! I imagine hardcore activists cringe every time the commies show up, but then say, "Well, at least they aren't the anarchists. No one can respect those freaks. How can you be anarchists and organize yourself into a club at the same time?"

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1 comment:

neal s said...

What's even worse is the fact that those "communists" don't understand Lenin at all - his political philosophies (particularly his belief in perpetual war) have found a comfortable home in the neoconservative movement. They'd probably never rep him if they knew that, but they're more concerned with the fact that his face looks good on a t-shirt.

Kind of funny and kind of sad at the same time.