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Wednesday, May 24, 2006


So, Confessors, I guess I've sussed you out. Monday I have a new short story--a teaser for my next novel--posted online, and my invite to you to make comments meets with silence. Later that day I note that I have seen X-Men: The Last Stand with a promise that full opinions will come with my review for DVDTalk, and I get several e-mails from people saying, "Me, me, I'm special. I know you'll spill to me."

I see how you all are.

Well, here you go, you jackals. My review in full.

The above is my new desktop image. It replaces the illusration from the cover of The Everlasting. Interestingly, it's pretty much an exact reversal of Chynna's shot of Lance and Quentin, including who has their eyes where. The only difference is Audrey has the graciousness to close hers.

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