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Tuesday, May 09, 2006


I am incredibly tired. There's just been too much going on. Thankfully, that will all settle soon. I will be cutting my hours at the day job in half after this week, and hopefully the manga work will stabilize. I turned in two of the four scripts I had on deck already; the other two, I can't start, because on one I never received the translation and am waiting for my editor to get back in town, and on the other I am waiting for the actual Japanese book to come in the mail. So, I am working on the Lance "Mercutio" story, mainly typing up what I had scribbled in my moleskin journal.

And yet, despite the aches and yawns, I have been uncommonly happy for the last several days. I catch myself smiling as if I have the answer to a private riddle. "And I just can't explain so I won't even try to."

Current Soundtrack: My Little Airport, Because I Was Too Nervous At That Time

Current Mood: coy

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jing said...


I am starting to believe you are my music soulmate! ;) TCS and now My Little Airport?? *swoon*

You have heard of Marshmallow Kisses as well, no?

Jamie S. Rich said...


Presuming you don't mean these Marshamllow Kisses http://www.marshmallowkisses.com/
no, I haven't heard them! I am downloading the tracks off their site now.

I need to do some more research on the Harbour Records label and really, get some cash to dole out for more music. My friend Jen is visiting China, I should make her pick some stuff up. It'd be way cheaper!