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Monday, May 01, 2006


SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENT! As if I weren't busy enough, I have joined the review staff over at DVDTalk. I have already written three reviews--The Fuccons, vol. 1; Ah! My Goddess, vol. 4; and Seijun Suzuki's Tanuki-Goten (Princess Raccoon)--and hopefully they should all be posted in the next 24 hours. You can visit my bio page here, and at the bottom it will give you links to my most recent pieces and show you what I have in the queue. You can also add my stuff to your RSS feed, but I'm not entirely sure what that is.

This happily coincides with the return of the Trilogy Video Employee Picks of the Month. My five for May:

* Bambi, the Disney classic

* George Washington, dir. David Gordon Green

* Ratcatcher, dir. Lynne Ramsay

* The Thin Red Line, dir. Terence Malick, based on a novel by James Jones

* The Unforgiven (1960), starring Audrey Hepburn & Burt Lancaster, dir. John Huston

I have no theme this month, though George Washington and Ratcatcher make a great double feature.

On that thing of not being busy enough, I have four manga/manwha scripts due in the next two weeks. Ay yi yi.

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